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Ali has played field hockey since he was 11 years old. He played for Monkstown Hockey Club in Dublin, Ireland on all of their youth travel teams winning Under 16, Under 19 and Under 21 championships and represented Leinster for two years in the Under 21 Interprovincial championships. Coach Clarence Jennelle has coached kids for over 22 years in Pennsylvania. He co-founded one of the most successful youth field hockey clubs in the US called X-Calibur. The club has over members and has won numerous gold medals at the National Hockey Festival, Disney Showcases, and other national US events.

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Around the world, there were shocked reactions to the assassination of John F. There was great confusion in the hour between Kennedy's shooting and the announcement of his death. Taking place during the Cold Warit was at first unclear whether the shooting might be part of a larger attack upon the U. Johnsonwho had been riding two cars behind in the motorcade, was safe.

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The news shocked the nation. Many people wept openly. Crowds gathered in public places to watch the television coverage. Traffic in some areas came to a halt as the news spread from car to car, even gathering around cars to listen to radio reports. Various Cleveland Browns fans, for example, carried s at the next Sunday's home game against the Dallas Cowboys decrying the city of Dallas as having "killed the president.

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However, there were also instances of Kennedy's opponents cheering the assassination. The event left a lasting impression on many worldwide. As with the preceding attack on Pearl Harbor of December 7,and the subsequent September 11 attacksasking "Where were you when you heard about President Kennedy's assassination?

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In the United States, Kennedy's assassination dissolved differences among many people as they were brought together in one common theme: shock and sorrow after the assassination. CBS Washington correspondent Roger Mudd summed it up: "It was a death that touched everyone instantly and directly; rare was the person who did not cry that long weekend.

In our home, as my wife E. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had been up 3. Forty minutes later, as news of Kennedy's death was breaking, it had already plunged Keith Funston and commended him for closing the exchange upon hearing the news of the assassination.

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Nobody has complimented the stock exchange for anything in a long time. The first trading day after the assassination, November 26, market averages rebounded sharply, recording the largest gains for any single day in history, and the fourth highest single day trading volume in NYSE history to that point. After Kennedy's assassination, many world leaders expressed shock and sorrow, some going on television and radio to address their nations. Many of them wondered if Johnson would carry on many of Kennedy's policies. Johnson's face. In many countries, radio and television networks, after breaking the news, either went off the air except for funeral music or broke schedules to carry uninterrupted news of the assassination, and if Kennedy had made a visit to that country, recalled that visit in detail.

They later opened up condolence books for people to.

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News of Kennedy's assassination reached Asia during the early morning hours of November 23,because of the time difference. Hostile reactions to the late President Kennedy were registered from far right elements.

Reactions to the assassination of john f. kennedy

In the South, where Kennedy wasn't popular because of his position on civil rights, some isolated incidents occurred, where some expressed joy to the death of Kennedy: schools in Mississippi[39] [40] Louisiana[41] Alabama [42] and suburbs of Dallas itself.

Kennedy died a tyrant's death.

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He did not set back communism. He encouraged integrationwhich has the support of communism. He was a tyrant", causing half of the room, some were Peabody College professors, to leave after they unsuccessfully demanded Ely to provide evidence for his claims.

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As written by William Manchester in Death of a President :. An Oklahoma City physician beamed at a grief-stricken visitor and said, "Good, I hope they got Jackie.

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This is one deal Papa Joe can't fix. In Dallas itself a man whooped and tossed his expensive Stetson in the air, and it was in a wealthy Dallas suburb that the pupils of a fourth-grade class, told that the President of the United States had been murdered in their city, burst into spontaneous applause. On December 1, after Malcolm X made a speech, reporters asked him for a comment about the assassination of President Kennedy. The spokesman for the Nation of Islam said that it was a case of " chickens coming home to roost " and added that "chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they've always made me glad.

Kennedy, the Muslim leader cited the murders of Patrice LumumbaCongo leader, of Medgar Everscivil rights leader, and of the Negro girls bombed earlier this year in a Birmingham church. These, he said, were instances of other 'chickens coming home to roost'. Hastily organized memorial services for Kennedy were held throughout the world, allowing many to express their grief. A day of national mourning and sorrow was declared in the U. Not all recreational and sporting events scheduled for November 22 and during the weekend after were canceled. On the day of Kennedy's funeral, November 25,people around the world attended memorial services.

Town streets were deserted while services were held. Everyone who could followed the proceedings on television. During memorial services, church bells tolled.

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In some cities police officers attached black mourning bands to their badges. In many states, governors declared the day of national mourning a legal holiday, allowing banks to close. The somber mood across the U. The assassination of President Kennedy was the longest uninterrupted news event in the history of American television until the September 11 attacks.

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EST on November 22, nearly every television station canceled their commercial schedules to stay with around-the-clock news coverage provided by the three U. From 3 p. On Sunday night, NBC broadcast continuous live coverage of mourners passing the flag-draped bier in the Capitol rotunda as an estimatedpeople filed by. ET, November 26, the network broadcast a live special post-midnight concert by the National Symphony Orchestraconducted by the director, Dr.

Howard Mitchellat Constitution Hall. Most stations did return to normal programming on the day after the funeral.

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Tributes to Kennedy abounded in the months following his assassination, particularly in the world of recordings. Many individual radio stations released album compilations of their news coverage of the president's murder; ABC News released a two-LP set of its radio news coverage. Two days after the assassination and one day before the funerala special live television program titled A Tribute to John F. Kennedy from the Arts was broadcast by ABC on network television. Actor Fredric March Eldridge's real-life husband hosted the program. Perhaps the most successful Kennedy tribute song released in the months after his assassination although later hit songs such as " Abraham, Martin and John " and " We Didn't Start the Fire " also referenced the tragedy was the controversial " In the Summer of His Years ", introduced by British singer Millicent Martin on a special edition of the BBC -TV comedy series That Was the Week That Wasconceived as a somber and respectful tribute to Kennedy.

A cover version by Connie Francis climbed the Hot chart to 46 in early despite being banned by a of major-market radio stations who felt that capitalizing on a national tragedy was in poor taste. Phil Spector 's Christmas album, A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spectorwas pulled from store shelves at Spector's request, having sold terribly since the public was not in the mood for cheery holiday music; it was put back for sale for the season but did not chart until The highly successful comedy album The First Family that parodied the Kennedys was quickly pulled from circulation which remained that way for many years.

Also in Britain where the publishers of "In the Summer of His Years" refused to allow the song a single release by any British artistJoe Meekcomposer of The Tornado e s ' hit " Telstar ", released an instrumental titled "The Kennedy March" on Decca Recordswith royalties marked to be sent to Jacqueline Kennedy for her to donate to charity. John," which became popular in the midwestern United States.

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Topical folksinger Phil Ochs paid tribute to Kennedy in his song, " That Was the President ", written shortly after the assassination, and again two years later in his masterpiece " Crucifixion ", connecting Kennedy and Christ. New York Times. Associated Press. November 25, The Texas Observer. Retrieved Brinkley's Beat. New York: Knopf. ISBN November 24, The Boston Globe. Pew Research Center. November 23, The New York Times.

The Johnson Treatment: how Lyndon B.